100,000 Diablo 3 Beta Keys Sent Out

Last night Blizzard Entertainment sent out a new wave of invitations to Diablo 3's closed beta. The developer said that they sent out over 100,000 in total. If you didn't get in yet, though, don't worry.

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maawdawg2387d ago

I got one last night, it was hidden away in my spam folder so if you are looking for one be sure to check there. 4 of my other friends got them last night as well, and 2 of them found theirs in their spam filter as well.

xYLeinen2387d ago

Would be nice if EU could get a hands of some more beta keys in the future as well..

Dasteru2386d ago

SWEEET. Thanks for posting this, I don't play Wow and i quit D2 over a year ago so i rarely get on my account. Just checked because of this and im in. downloading now.

TheAndroid2386d ago

Had the game finally been released? Just can't believe that!