Six reasons to be excited about Resident Evil 6

Gamer's Guide to, 2nd February 2012: Joey Nunez reacts to the announcement of a new iteration in the Resident Evil franchise.

"I am unabashedly a fan of Resident Evil. Ever since I walked into that creepy mansion in the outskirts of Raccoon City I have been hooked, having played and owned every single main game in the series.

"As you can probably tell by now, the announcement of a new Resident Evil game, to me, is nothing short of a gaming event."

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TeaDouble_E2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

"Reason 1: Mr Badass Protagonist, I'd like you to meet M. Badass Protagonist the second"

"Reason 2: a story Bond would be proud of"

"Reason 3: Ada-freaking-Wong"

"Reason 4: Survival-horror? Action? Does it matter?"

"Reason 5: Co-op Madness?"

"Reason 6: Zombies!"

Out of six reasons I only like # 6

Growlancer20122300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

When i first saw this game i was a little angry. I wanted a 'proper' RE title (braindead zombies) but then i realised that a proper RE game probably wouldnt work these days. The game still looks good, even though it's not what i wanted. I'm going to keep an open mind now, and give more games a chance before i rage.

j-blaze2300d ago

Reason 7: made by Capcom Japan!

MsclMexican2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Yes.... let us all get hard over a game that came from Japan... right J-blaze.

My god, you sheer fanboyism over a country is ridiculous

I mean really, I have never seen or though a fanboy for a freaking country actually existed... and here you are.

I mean, I though you were banned... and for a while N4g was a nicer place in your absence.

But now your back.....

BraveToaster2300d ago

Because 8 months later you can get Ultimate Resident Evil 6 for the low low price of $60. Oh, after this comes out you won't be able to play the original Resident Evil 6.