Sony Media Tour Winter '07 - Hands-On Previews of 2008 PlayStation Titles

Video Game Media (VGM) - Alex Spiro, 12/16/07:

The Playstation team from SCEA hosted their annual event this year to showcase some hot titles for the PS3, PS2, and PSP coming out over the next few months and VGM were delighted to attend. The venue was the swanky and upscale Le Parker Meridian hotel located in midtown Manhattan on 57th street and the Diplomatic Suite where the event took place was huge, with two doors leading to numerous interconnected rooms. Alex was informed beforehand about the games that would be displayed and he was especially looking forward to seeing and getting some hands-on time with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Hot Shots Golf 5, Echochrome, God of War: Chains of Olympus, and Patapon. His hosts generously allowed him to videotape (and photograph) most of the content being presented, which he will share on the site.

[ Notes: This editorial is in text with photographs. Videos are not yet posted and presumably will be soon. Pictured is the lobby of Le Parker Meridian. ]

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TANOD3840d ago

I dont think when ps3 games like MGS4 hits the scene anyone would be buying any other console.

I expect x360 to contest SONY atleast in NA but wii which is a FAD will be lost in 2008

games like DMC4 on ps3 /x360 will mark the fall of a joke console like Wii

Noodlecup3840d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself

Agent VX3840d ago

Yawnnn.... just checked out the article.

I guess this is why the PS3 is selling so horrid, not much good games to look forward to. Even with the many price decreases, the PS3 continues to collect dust on the store selves.

TANOD3840d ago

PS3 sales jumped 400% in US last month and almost matched X360 sales in Canada.

PS3 will rule 2008 , x360 will also do decent in NA but that JOKE CONSOLE Wii will be lost in 2008

Zhuk3840d ago

more PS3 titles that will bomb. 2008 will be the year when 3rd party devs and publishers begin to abandon the PS3 for the Xbox 360 and Wii.

It's inevitable

chanto233840d ago

Sony survived the worst part already, now that devs have at least a game or two under their belts with the PS3 new and "difficult" technology, 3rd party games are gonna start to look better on PS3 than on their 360's counterparts, so instead of devs abandoning the PS3 i think they will start using the PS3 as the main console and port to the 360...this year Sony will own with their lineup since 360 has NO games to look foward to..except maybe Gears 2...

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