What's next for THQ?

The cloud hovering over THQ's corporate head got a lot darker Wednesday – and the long-term forecast is pretty uncertain.

While there's certainly nothing happy about 240 employees losing their jobs and it's never a good sign when a CEO slashes his own salary, the actions could be the start of what THQ needs to do to ensure its long-term survival. But they may not be the end.

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SwampCroc2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I'm starting to believe not much is going to come from THQ... despite this games outline they just released...

the company is currently dropping 19% in the NASDAQ... they are down to $.056 right now.. they closed yesterday at $0.76... they have a 180 day period to remain at $0.99 or above for 10 consecutive days...

it's not looking good at all.. even with the games outline and the paycuts/layoffs they are still steadily dropping in the market... and if they are removed from the market then THQ will be no more.