WGB: NeverDead- Review

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "Y’know, over the years I sort of thought I’d seen pretty much everything in gaming, from chainsaw guns to the mad-cap antics of Dante through to the even more mad-cap antics of Bayonetta and that freaky hair of hers, but every now and then something else comes along that surprises me: NeverDead is one such game. While in most games your characters limbs being severed from their body is a bad thing, in NeverDead it’s quite normal to have every limb ripped off by a pack of ravenous demon-dog things, leaving you in control of your rolling head as you desperately try to make it to back to your torso so you can continue fighting. It’s goofy, utterly mad and a complete pain in the ass to write a review about."

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