'Occupy Steam’, In Protest Of No Half-Life 3 Info, Asks For Your Help This Saturday

Though it is one of Valve’s biggest and most recognizable franchises, there has been little word regarding the long-awaited Half-Life 3. In response, fans have organized the “A Call For Communication (Half-Life)” Steam group in order to draw attention to the matter, hoping to have their voices heard.

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TrendyGamers2268d ago

It's good to know when North American gamers can get in on this and hopefully it makes Valve give us just a little bit of information about the game!

HebrewHammer2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

This is retarded. Valve is well aware there are armies of people who want HL3, myself included.

We've got a lot more to look forward to from Valve, like DOTA and Counter Strike GO - not to mention all the 2012 games from other developers.

The world won't end if we wait for HL3 until next generation.

If you consider yourselves to be fans of Valve, then appreciate their busy schedule and efforts to make HL3 nothing less than perfect.

IT WILL COME! Be patient. Jesus.

SnakeCQC2267d ago

counter strike sucks bf3 FTW I WANT H3 NEWS AND DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ReservoirDog3162267d ago

Haha, come on. The people at valve will just laugh at this stuff. They're not gonna give any information until they want to.

Kurylo3d2267d ago

Who really gives a crap. Thats valves buisness. There probably waiting for the next generation of consoles to go big with it and bring out a new engine.

Whaa... i dont know when half life 3 is coming.. cries... lol Sad and pathetic people who need to get a life.

admiralthrawn872267d ago

this is so stupid. valve never took your money and promised half-life 3. wow.

JD_Shadow2267d ago

Not real sure where Valve stated that HL3 existed, but then again, whatever happened to HL2 EPISODE 3?

They haven't really said anything about THAT, either!

chanmasta2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Evidence has been scattered on the internet. For example, I saw a picture that Valve released with Gabe standing in front of a TV that had 'Half-Life 3' on it.

I don't agree with this thing though, it is pretty pathetic. Demanding news of a game we all know is being developed? Give them a break.

Proeliator2267d ago

That was confirmed as a fake.

We assume the next game will be HL3, not EP3, as Valve have stated they've moved past the episodic structure.

rick46912267d ago

Sadly I don't think Valve even cares about HL anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.