100,000 Diablo III Beta Invites

Blizzard Entertainment announced it deployed 100,000 Diablo III beta invites to North American players. Simply login into the account management page to see if the account is flagged to access the beta servers.

No emails will be sent, and Blizzard warns against phishing or scam emails.

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Ps3-PCgamer2268d ago

Got Mine this morning. Don't check email Cause I didn't get it through that. Went to my account and there it was in all its glory. bout to roll with a witch doctor and see how much damage he can deal.....Or maybe a Wizard hmmm....Nope Barb...definitely Barb lol

MonChiChi2268d ago

Been playing on my MNK. Will have to say I was enjoying it until it corrupted my gpu drivers, but it was worth it!

Drekken2268d ago

:\ Of course nothing for me. Playing Blizzard games for 17 years means nothing, I guess.

HebrewHammer2268d ago

I was one of them! Better late than never :)

SolDojo2266d ago

Got mine, game is lots of fun. Makes me want it to come out even worse, though.