Impressions: 'Twisted Metal' demo is twisted fun when working |

XMNR: The Twisted Metal demo screeched on to the Playstation Network on Tuesday and I was able to get in a handful of online matches while also checking out the included single-player options. So is this a great return to the PS3 of one of the most celebrated vehicular combat games or did it take a rocket up the rear?

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Prcko2358d ago

Game is incredibly FUN,gonna buy day 1

Fil1012357d ago

yeah amazingly fun although i've still to play nuke mode but deathmatch is a blast and although i'm new to TM it's so fresh playing a different twist on the same old shooting games that we have become accostomed to. only bad thing is its been delayed till march back here in the UK which sux.

xVeZx2357d ago

i keep getting errors when i try to play mp....i played around in training and the game looks like it could be alot of fun

lorianguy2357d ago

Great game, really want to be able to connect to MultiPlayer though :(

jukins2357d ago

I downloaded this since ppl were giving it good praises but i havent been able to get into any mp games and even when i try training the game "freezes" in a way were the game is still running music and all but I cant actually select anything to move on.

SoapShoes2357d ago

You can do challenge. It has never frozen on me. I'd suggest ending the game and starting it again.

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The story is too old to be commented.