The Last Story: New Character Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for The Last Story that introduces the characters. The players have to explore the island Lazulis to reveal the character’s secrets.

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Godmars2902063d ago

This is still EU/JP only, right?

tiffac0082063d ago

Sadly, there is no NA release date yet.

Hopefully it will do a Xenoblade and gets announce later. My Wii needs more core games right now.

HoneyBadger2063d ago

Yes, maybe nintendo will change their minds

ShoryukenII2063d ago

If they don't change their minds fast, too many people will have already pirated it like Xenoblade.

Magnus2063d ago

I hope they bring this game to NA

Relientk772063d ago

I'm waiting for this game to be announced for NA

We got Xenoblade finally coming, now this is next on the list

Eamon2063d ago

British voices again. Haha.

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