Rumor Round-Up: What We Know About the Next Xbox

From the feature report:

"It has been an exciting couple of days for Xbox fan-boys and an exhausting last couple of days for video game journalists. An abundance of rumors have hit the web regarding the Next-Box, Xbox 720, Xbox: The Third, etc. We’ve decided to compile all of the noteworthy rumors into one nice package, as well as provide commentary on what these rumors could mean for the next generation of gaming, if they prove to be true."

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ABizzel12059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Hmmm. If Sony goes all out again next gen it seems there will be a vast power difference among each console. The Wii U, the Nextbox, and the PS IV (Sony might change the name since 4 is unlucky in Japan).

Wii U a slight upgrade to this gen.
Nextbox a step up from this gen.
PS ? a leap up from this gen.

It seems affordability is the keyword for each console manufacturer, since they don't want another Wii running away with their money due to being 1/2 the price.

Wii U : $300 (at this point it should be $200 - $250 based on tech)
Nextbox: $300 - $400 ($300 casual, $400 Kinect version)
PS ?: $300 - $500 (I'm thinking $400)

SleazyChimp2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I wouldn't put all my faith in this rumored graphic card configuration. AMD themselves said the next box would have avatar like graphics. Even with extreme optimization I doubt this card would even come close to this. Now it was also rumored the new box would run some sort of dual gpu. Perhaps 2 of the these chips running fully optimized could pull this off. Also keep in mind that epic and unreal work closely with Ms. The Samaritan demo was to show console developers what they expect out of the next gen. Epic did this once before in 2004 with screens of a game that look unbelievable at the time. A few years later we learned those screens belonged to Gears of War.

I'm sure MS is looking to strike a balance between power and price. But I highly doubt that a company who is known for horse power in their console would release a underpowered system.