Our First Glimpse Of Mass Effect 3′s FemShep

The voice cast trailer gave fans their first glimpse of FemShep in action, however, this isn't our default FemShep.


Bioware Edmonton’s Community Manager, Jessica Merizan has gotten in touch regarding this matter. “There are two options on the character creation screen “Default” and “Custom”. I believe that the brunette Shepard you are describing is one of several “custom” options that you can then edit. The “Default” Shepard is the redhead you see in the trailer. She is not customizable (similar to Dragon Age II or how the male Shepard option has been in the past).”

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FrightfulActions2237d ago

To say that the 'default' Femshep isn't the one posed on the box arts and voted for just because the default in the unfinished version isn't really fair. It's possible Bioware hasn't gotten around to setting her as default in-game just yet. Odd, sure, but can't rule anything out. Let's wait till the game is actually out before we say she isn't the default. It'd be awfully strange of Bioware to have a redhead cover-art default Femshep but a completely different one in-game. Just saying.

tigertron2237d ago

Maybe you're right and Bioware is just using the original Femshep in game and the new one for marketing.

I'll be using my custom Femshep, but it is good that Femshep is getting some more attention. I'm sick of the default male Shep hogging the spotlight.

tigertron2237d ago

I'm more concerned with whether Femshep walks/runs like an American football player. I heard they've given her, her own animations so I hope its true.

LightSamus2237d ago

From my experience with the game, I agree that it's a bit off but it's nothing major. And the hair seemed perfectly fine to me and I played through the entirety of Mass Effect 2 using a red-head female Shep. If there was any realy discernable difference, I'd be peeved but it was more than fine.

Hovis2237d ago

I'm confused about the whole female Shepard thing. There has always been a female Shepard in the previous games so why not just use that.

It especially hurts because the female Shepard I voted for never won *Rage*