Foreboding With Reckoning's Redeemable Code

GamingUnion: "Review copies of Electronic Arts's Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are starting to reach critics, who have made a surprising collective discovery: an insert containing a code to download a "House of Valor" content pack featuring "seven additional single player quests."

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tweex2330d ago

Who say's EA can't stop being douche's for a minute or two?

mephman2330d ago

Well, at least it's not in Syndicate. :p

SwampCroc2330d ago

Good article...

I already got KoA: Recknoning pre-ordered...

but still I mean it makes no sense for a single player game.. it should just be on the disc if it's available on day 1.. it shouldn't be a code...

we'll have to see how they are with the DLC that's bound to follow in the next couple of months... I hope EA doesn't destroy what 38 Studios and Big Huge Games are creating.