BF3 – DICE Confirms Patch For USAS-12 Equipped With FRAG Rounds and More

MP1st - DICE updates Battlefield 3 fans on the state of the USAS-12 shotgun equipped with FRAG rounds and announces an incoming fix.

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Hufandpuf2302d ago

Woo! Its going to be fun looking at the leaderboards now and watch all the top players drop off.

KwietStorm2302d ago

Nothing worse than seeing a colonel star 2564 running around with that setup and you go, oh, that's how he got there.

SJPFTW2302d ago

lol you dont even have to aim with that setup. just spray and pray. 90% of the time i died because of the crazy amount of splash damage they give on this

OcelotRigz2302d ago

If they dont have the USAS fix in the upcoming patch then i'll go back to Skyrim for a while.
First it was Metro but now the they are starting to take over the other maps and really taking the fun out of the game.
Do these guys not want to be challenged?

Holeran2302d ago

And as soon as they fix the PS3 input lag I will start playing again. In case anyone needs me I will be the little blue guy in the corner holding my breath.

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