Top Ten Gaming Wake Up Calls

The problem with having to save the world is that, more often than not, it doesn’t wait until you’ve had a full nights sleep. The eldritch abomination, the never-ending war that has reached your doorstep, the great civilization threatening calamity, a doting mother- these are all things that are sure to pull a hero out of his or her much needed slumber. They are all also very likely to appear in role-playing games. This may seem like a cheap plot device, but it actually makes a lot of sense- it is scientifically proven that you are 60% more likely to participate in an important adventure if you are woken up first, as opposed to just waking up naturally. That must explain why so many games start off with someone rolling out of bed.

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greeneggsnsam2299d ago

I love the opening to Chrono trigger but I never got far into the game. I think it needed something else to get going.

Nostradavis2299d ago

I beat that game and adore it. Go back and play it.

GenerationTheGreat2299d ago

Old school, I dig. Does this mean that new games don't use this trick anymore? Maybe it got a bit tired.

I remember Bloodmoon did that with the werewolves, though. That was cool.

Sigmarue2299d ago

Oh Dark Cloud... So much nostalgia.

Nostradavis2299d ago

I am going to go home and play Chrono Trigger. The heck with Final Fantasy XIII-2. Pshh.

GameTavern2299d ago

Link really is a lazy boy, he gets woken up in a lot of these games. I was going to suggest Skyward Sword over LttP due to the giant bird that wakes you up.

greeneggsnsam2299d ago

But in LttP you get to smash up the room in anger at being woken up:P

LightFantastic2299d ago

I totally forgot to point that out haha I'm tempted to go back in and edit it.

"Why am I awake... AHHH SMASH"

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