Used Games Aren’t Bad: 5 Used Purchases That Turned Into New Purchases

Looking back at your collection of games can lead to many discoveries, like which ones you bought used. Default Prime author Kyree Leary has made one such discovery. And even though he bought these games used, they led to many new game purchases. He thinks it evens out.

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vuzuki2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Great list. I'll second that with my collection:

I bought Demon's Souls used bought Dark Souls day one (well actually Day -3) and already pre-ordered Armored Core V.

I bought .hack/G.U. used (otherwise it's way too expensive), but will buy Asura's Wrath Day one.

I bought Persona 3 used but bought Persona 4 and Catherine new and ASAP.

I bought the first Xenosaga used and all the other 3 xenotitles brand new.

Bought Nier used and will buy anything with the name Yokoo Taro on it day one. Same for Deadly premonition and Swery65.

And that's only a fraction of it.

So yeah, used games are essential to building up franchises and studio's reputation.

Blaine2298d ago

Well when put that way, I'd be a hypocrite not to agree.

I've said before that I used to torrent a lot of movies, and that I bought movies too while I did that. But then I got a warning from my ISP and since then I haven't downloaded OR BOUGHT a single movie--I just pretty much stopped watching them altogether.

Since devs don't make money from a used game sale, you may as well have pirated it as far as they're concerned. But if it leads to you buying games from them later, then it's the same as I used to do with movies.

Enate2298d ago

They really don't look at all sides to this. An ultimately from what I've seen screwing people over with the online pass and tons of dlc that should of been on the disc. Is ending up making people buy less or wait for a complete edition. MW2 is the perfect example for me, I thought hey I hate FPS games I'm not gonna like it. Had it for 3 months from gamefly and sent it back. Ended up going to the store and buying it brand new. In reality gamestops prices on used games usually are not that great. What does help drive the sale is unsure customers, given you have a 7 day return policy on used games.

Once you've bought a new game there is no taking it back once you've opened it. An working at gamestop a few months back there were a lot of unsure customers. Though at the same time there was a lot of trading in toward new games or pre orders. So you stick the nail in the coffin on used or renting games. An you will get what is already happening to some games. You see less willingness to purchase out right whether it be new ips or even sequels that have changed the formula.

Capcom is in trouble now for instance with declining sales. Yet they are one of the very companies trying to sell people extra costumes in Street Fighter. Given that practice I am automatically apprehensive against anything from them. Including the promising looking upcoming new ip from them Dragons Dogma.

If they do it right and it turns out as good as it looks it will sell plenty. Skyrim no bs day one dlc or anything to make the customer hesitate. Not even pre order bonuses game wise to which segments the fan base. Everyone has and enjoys the same skyrim as the next person. A full game with hours of entertainment with no strings attached. An also giving fans continued support and the promise to do better then before. With less dlc and instead making it more worth your while with larger dlc releases. The sucess of skyrim is because of all of those things. Companies should learn from skyrim as an example that a quality game can sell extremely well. If you don't try to nickle and dime your customer every at every turn.

thebudgetgamer2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

My only thought on it is, if I can buy three or four games for like forty, fifty bucks I will do that. That a lot of the time ends with me buying the next game new, if I like it.