The Fall of the Strategy Guide

The strategy guide is on its way out. Loren Nikkel of The Married Gamers talks about the dwindling business of strategy guides and the rise of the lazy internet.

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webbsod2355d ago

good bye! i will not miss them.
i did like the guides for RPG games and such

christheredhead2355d ago

Printed guides are definitely on the decline. Personally, I still purchase guides if I'm trying to get a difficult trophy or want to learn every secret and detail. For the most part, guides are still more informative and in depth than anything you will find online. Having a copy right by your side for quick reference is always helpful.

ITLoo2355d ago

Agreed. Plus it's a lot easier to look something up in the index knowing that the answer is right there as opposed to searching through different sites to get the answer you wanted.