Modern Warfare 3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite Premium Members on PSN kicks off February 28

(Screens included) Activision announced that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Content Season for Call of Duty Elite kicks off for Premium Members on the PlayStation Network February 28.

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MGRogue20172182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Yep... But remember! Elite Premium members on Xbox 360 get all CoD DLC content first & early before anyone else.

Oooooh what are you gonna' do N4G..? Take my one bubble away?? :3

You can't. :P

No matter what, I can always say what I want to say.. love my bubble! <^.^>

belal2182d ago

wow you get content early while ps3 owners gets exlclusives... to bad you can't answer to this since you only got one buble :(

lorianguy2182d ago

Well what you say is true, so I guess N4G won't do a lot.

But yeah, show some maturity or people may begin to think your parent's didn't love you as a child :)

aceitman2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

im just feel like it should of been done better . since we paid for it , it should have came out together , and the ones that didnt join should get it 30 days later. they did not state this before it came out .

SOD_Delta2182d ago

Too many better games coming Out to care.

Grimhammer002182d ago

With the possible exception of bf3....what other fps coming out offers what mw3 does? Not what's already out....what new unreleased game?

Love my mw3. And I'll love all the tps coming in the next few months.

just_looken2182d ago

With the possible exception of bf3....what other fps coming out offers what mw3 does?

cod4/5/6//7/8/9 offer what mw3 offer's but if you want a good military shooter full spectrum warrior/americas army and dfbhd mp oh also mgo/bf2 and the original socom's.

moho-foe2182d ago

It's funny watching Activision shooting it's self in the foot by turning its back on the PC/PS3 community. They wont be able to keep up the momentum and sales by innovating like this. I knew it was going to be like this, thats why I passed on MW3. I feel bad for the day one elite members that wasted 4 months of a subscription they would be better to buy it at the end of Feb.

lorianguy2182d ago

You may call this innovation, I call it an abusage of power.

MizTv2182d ago

for the people who love cod and want to all the dlc this is a good deal. i know im pumped for this!

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