Gaming with Big Business = Game Over

There are days when I see the screens of old looking at me and I wonder what happened? What happened to the gaming yesterdays I grew up with? When every game I played felt different, it felt new in some way. Perhaps I have played one too many games, or perhaps it’s something else. Have you ever done something in life and said… “Hey, I’ve done this before” and yet you couldn’t figure it out. Every time I put in a game now I feel like I say that, over and over again. Some prime examples: Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, and Battlefield these are examples of some of the games that are getting old. Would you like to know what is going to be released in the last half of the year (this is just guesses as I am not looking at a release calendar) Dance Central 3, Kinect Sports Season 3, the announcement of Halo 2 HD, Call of Duty, Metal of Honor. It’s sad but 100% of the titles I said are coming out in the later half of the year or two. Do you know what kind of gameplay and features they are...

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TheSuperior 2242d ago

Interesting piece! Wouldn't think of that on an every day basis.

klecser2241d ago

The entire argument is predicated on the assumption that 3rd party and unique third and first party titles don't exist. They are conveniently ignored, for the purposes of this article. Mario and Halo and COD and MW may sell a lot of copies, but some of the best games of the last few years have been smaller titles. I can't speak to the main consoles, as I'm a hnadheld gamer, but when the writer says "crappy DS game", it reveals how woefully unfamiliar he/she is with the catalogue. Here are some examples of some top DS/3DS games that have come out recently that are not big sellers but have excellent game play:

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Radiant Historia
Sakura Samurai
Super Scribblenauts

With that said, I wonder if the writer has even tried Super Mario 3D Land? It isn't your typical Mario game. It uses the 3D of the system perfectly. I HATE platformers, and I loved 3D Land. Its about as unique of a Mario platformer as has ever come along and it violates the idea that "new within a franchise" can't be successful.

I'm sure there are other examples from the other consoles. Skyrim was game of the year for most people and I assume many would say that it was different enough of an experience from Morrowind and Oblivion to make it violate the "same franchise can never be good" idea.

Finally, throughout the entire history of games, companies have been copying game mechanics. This isn't anything new. Back in the day, a new version of a franchise would come out even more often than they come out today.


The point of the DS game was that you are paying 29.99 to 39.99 for a DS title. The main point of the article is the fact that big business has changed to allow the slew of games on consoles. Any fresh ideas on xbox latley, I take it you like paying 60 dollars for an assassins creed game every year with a side of cod for 60. In the prime days of gaming you had turn based rpgs. I shouldn't have to wait for one skyrim game (HOW LONG HAS XBOX BEEN OUT) I feel that there are 100 FPS yet titles like (for example I know this may be other console exclusives jack... wagon) shadow of the colossus, kingdom hearts, megaman (not an arcade title), okami. Do I really have to continue. Also if anyone wanted to take down CALL OF DUTY, a sufficient title called BLACK would do the trick. Gaming is expensive in this economy!