Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Elite DLC Dated and Spawn Improvements Incoming

MP1st - Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has commented on the spawn problems Modern Warfare 3 is experiencing, and revealed when PS3 paid elite member will receive the first DLC drop.

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lorianguy2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

So I paid to get it 4 days later than usual? Bargain!

I hope the timed exclusivity contract isn't renewed. It's only the honest consumer who gets hurt by it, and it's unlikely to sell more consoles.

Jobesy2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

1. Last time I checked dlc is optional, if you don't want it it won't affect the game you paid for.

2. ". It's only the honest consumer who gets hurt by it,"

Seriously?!? It's a freakin game, if you get hurt by a game you got bigger problems than timed dlc.

lorianguy2305d ago

1. It's optional, yes, but not distributed fairly at all. If you want it, you can't have it at the same time as others, despite being and paying the same.

2. Who else gets hurt by it? I know for a fact that PS3 people get the S#!t ripped out of them by Xbox-ers because they don't get it at the same time. Obviously I don't mean it comes and stabs you, but you seem to lack that much common sense.

Soldierone2305d ago

Alright its just a game. Let's take this same method and apply it to other things you buy in life.

-Chevrolet paid to have all insurance companies give them coverage first. If you own any other brand you can pay for insurance (the super high end overpriced plan too!) and its all the same price, but you have to wait 2 months to get anything. However if you do own Chevrolet you can pay to have things early AS PROMISED, or you don't have to pay for insurance and still get benefits before all those other people that paid to have it early, because you drive a Chevy.

-You have a movie theater down the street, but you have to wait 3 months to see any new movies there because another theater on the other side of the state has 2 month exclusive deals. Ticket prices and popcorn are the same prices. However you just paid 50 bucks to join their movie club for free movies and early screenings,but in the terms it stated you can't travel across town to watch movies at the other theater.

Fact is PS3 owners are paying the SAME price and deserve the SAME experience. The fact they took a little money from another company and said "screw you" to all the PS3 owners says a lot about them. (money comes before their consumers, therefore they don't care if they have consumers)

I hope the contract expires too, but until MS puts focus in games and not this exclusive timed crap then it might not happen.

lorianguy2305d ago


Great Analogy! - A rarity these days.

But well said and I support you fully, so I'll throw you some bubbles.

Only flaw in your speech I could think of was the "a little money" part. I'm sure Microsoft paid a pretty penny for the priviledge xD