IGN: Yakuza Dead Souls - Video Preview

IGN: Is Yakuza Dead Souls dead on arrival?

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D3mons0ul2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I don't know and neither should you. This is not how you do previews you fucking unprofessional dickholes.

Motherfucking Fox News of gaming, I swear.

Whatever happened to just being unbiased and telling about the game? Why does that line even need to be there? Why are they trying to get people to question whether or not an upcoming game will be worth their time? Let people decide for themselves based on WHAT IS OFFERED. Don't take it upon yourself to dictate quality in an objective fashion and potentially kill a game before it even has a chance. It's probably no coincidence that it just happens to be a Japanese game too. I NEVER see the mainstream media pull this with any western developed game until it comes out. No, those games ALWAYS get their fair due. Is there a conspiracy to get Japan to stop sending their games over? Am I missing something?

Wait until it comes out, then you can pick it apart all you like in your biased and very unprofessional review. Honestly, the way IGN reviews games they like is very unprofessional too. They might as well just admit to being an open blog at this point. The quality of journalism you get there is about the same as any average joe clicking away on a keyboard. And what's sad is that people RELY ON THEM.

IGN can pretty much ruin the appeal of a game for the blind masses with just a few paragraphs. All they need to do is mark it up as "more of the same" or "not trying hard enough" without giving any constructive criticism or detailing what exactly went wrong and how it could be improved in the future. Forget that. With IGN, there is no future. There can only be ONE good game of any given genre just about, and everything else just "doesn't match up" and "isn't worth your time or money"

I'm probably going off on several tangents right now but god dammit I hate the fact that people look to IGN for answers. It sickens me because they can really do damage to the industry. Somehow, IGNs opinions still hold weight in the gaming community. This clearly is not a perfect or even adequate world at this point.

Veneno2391d ago

Completely agree. Greg miller is a very sorry excuse for a journalist. this preview is pure shit.

josephayal2391d ago

I demand this Game for the XBOX 360 and WII U

Veneno2390d ago

It could happen..... but I'm thinking in the next gen hardware(720, Wii U)