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Review of the new tomb raider

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dirthurts2266d ago

Not only is there no new footage, it's not even in English. Don't waste your time.

wakeupcall42266d ago

I speak portugese. so anyways some interesting points he made: it will not be an open world, but also will not be as linear as the previous games. Lara will react to injuries and act according to them throughout the game until she gets healed. She's stranded on a island, with unfriendly inhabitants. (cliche I know) This game has more of a survival feel to it. There is a certain survival instincts mode/button(not sure which) that will highlight certain objects to help get throgh obstacles. She isn't gonna have superhuman strength anymore (lol) aka she can't push gigantic stone blocks around. She will have to use more strategy and logic to get around obstacles. Her body is much more realistic looking now, that much is obvious from the video. Release date is sometime before the end of 2012. Looks pretty sweet.