IGN: The First 90 Minutes of Mass Effect 3

IGN: When I first started playing Mass Effect, I set out to behave like a stony-hearted space-bitch. I was going to take the universe for everything it had: credits, loot, fame, blue ladies, the lot. It didn't last long.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2388d ago

Wanna watch so bad but I just bought Mass Effect 2 on psn and don't wanna spoil anything.

BiggCMan2388d ago

It's a written article not a video, and there isn't any plot spoilers so you should be fine if you wanna read it.

TOO PAWNED2388d ago

I completed the second one and will eventually play this one as well.
Boy is this an overrated franchise.

Hellsvacancy2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Its an overrated franchise that................your gonna buy/play anyway?

WOW, talk about stupidity

BiggCMan2388d ago

Yea that didn't really make much sense to me either haha. But I do agree, it is pretty overrated. The first one was amazing in every way. But 2 just lacked a lot, and felt like a generic shooter, and 3 looks to be even more of a shooter than 2 was, and barely like 1 at all, not an RPG game any more, and that's why i'm disappointed.

TheOtherTheoG2388d ago

BiggCMan - Did you even read the article? They had a huge section about, you know, all of the RPG elements they've put into ME3.

mynameisEvil2388d ago

Just because someone thinks that it's overrated doesn't mean he can't play it at all. It just means that he thinks it's okay and nothing for being to be going crazy about.

WOW, talk about stupidity.

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BattleTorn2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Seriously misleading title.

"First 90 Minutes" gives the impression that it's a video preview;
not a author describing the beginning of the game.

Why put a time-duration in the title then?

They could've easily had "impressions" in the title.

BiggCMan2388d ago

Because he was allowed 90 minutes to preview it...

Snookies122388d ago

I agree, I thought it was a video as well... :\

HardCover2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

The author is talking about their experience with the first 90 minutes of the game. Seems pretty appropriate to me.

EDIT: Yeah, they could have also just not added anything and left it as is. I get that you misinterpreted it, I'm just saying that I don't think that it's a very big deal or anything. It's not like it says "video" or "footage" or "leaked" or "trailer" or something along those lines in the title.

Arts10002388d ago

Good article , this writer is tops .......... So it looks so far that Bioware is doing a fantastic job on 3

I am in the middle of Dragon age thinking .....How is it possible for the same company to make this game . flashed of gold here and there but how dull can a game get ?

TheGameFoxJTV2388d ago

Dragon age is an amazing game for me.Different strokes for different folks I guess. Also, Dragon Age is closer to all the rest of their games. Mass Effect is the one that's different.

trenso12388d ago

i thought it was going to be a video. lol good no spoiler. im excited for the game didnt have a chance to play the previous ones. but from reading this it sounds like the game brings some sort of connection between player and game. and i like that. games these days dont really make you care for the characters much. its all pew pew pew *spawn* repeat. not that its wrong i just want more substance in my single players. i didnt even care for multi-player until this gen. a good story is what made me buy games

theWB272388d ago

IDK if your a PS3 or Xboxer but play the first ones before. Your decisions and story carry over from each title. Its worth it in every way.

trenso12387d ago

Ps3 and from my knowledge we don't have the first ME. If I'm not mistaken.

theWB272387d ago

Its not, but getting ME2 on ps3 will let you pick decisions from the first one then theyll still effect 2 and youll have a ton of influence on how your ME3 story will play out. I had 4 different story arcs for ME2 when it came out and Ive got about 3 for ME3. Same character different choices.

trenso12387d ago

interesting but i think ill wait for ME3 i know im putting my self at a disposition, but with ff13-2 and plating that along with ff13 i think my hands will be tied for a while

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