Lionsgate promises new forms of interactivity on Blu-ray titles

Hi-Def Digest (Dec 13) via (Dec 15):

The movie studio Lionsgate has announced two new films it plans to release on Blu-ray in which it promises to "push the limits of next-gen interactivity." The movies, "Saw IV" and "War", will include new features never before seen on Blu-ray titles.

Dubbed "MoLog" (short for Movie Blog), Lionsgate tells the press that the new feature will enable consumers to create and share their own added value content via blog entries.

In addition, the studio plans to include a network-connected game on its Jan 1 release of 'War,' which Lionsgate says will allow fans to play each other online.

At press time, it still wasn't clear whether there any Blu-ray players (including the PS3) would be compatible with the new technology at launch. Although studio officials have hinted that an upcoming PS3 firmware update will unlock these web-enabled features, Sony has yet to confirm these reports, and no manufacturer has provided a timetable for the first true BD-Live hardware.

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Genuine3811d ago

Lionsgate movies are so horrible I seriously doubt that they are going to sell very many $30 blu-ray discs, no mattr what kind of tricks they pull.

PlayStation3603811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I don't know bro, I liked the Saw movies, Crash, The Devil's Rejects, and Reservoir Dogs. And I heard The Descent was pretty good (never seen it though, plan to). But to each his own.

ruibing3809d ago

Though I agree Lionsgate isn't Blu Ray's best exclusive studio, the format is already selling more than it needs to in order to beat HD-DVD. And Blu Ray movies usually costs more like $15 to 24 without any promotions (at least on Amazon).

Agent VX3811d ago

This is one of the annoying things about bluray, this type of interactive media is not standardized on the machines like HD DVD is.

Meaning, that early adopters get screwed, unless you don't care about this type of stuff.

Poor planning and a rush to get the players out onto the market as fast as possible. And even after a year, the bluray camp still doesn't have the foggiest on how to impliment this on a full scale.

picker3323811d ago

Blu-ray is better then HD DVD,Atleast as what everybody is saying.
Don't really know becouse i don't have any blu or hd movies...yet.

Peace Out!

Agent VX3811d ago

I don't own either of them, but I wouldn't say Bluray is better than HD DVD.

They both have their disadvantages as well as advantages.

Bluray holds more data on the disk, per layer that is a bonus. Bandwidth is greater.

HD DVD has a standardized multimedia requirement, hardware is cheaper to produce.

Neither really has a big advantage over the other. Most likely, not until the end of this year or maybe next, will this little battle be finished.

KidMakeshift3811d ago

Maybe, but there's been some sloppy blu-ray movies (Pirates OTC1 is cropped, 5th Element first release) especially when it comes to bonus features (Planet Earth is bone dry compared to standard DVD).

Blu-Ray movies I recommend: 300, Underworld Evolution, Pirates OTC2, Paprika, Curse of The Golden Flower, Hellboy, and The Host

They're good movies and really show off the benefits of HD

tk3811d ago

You watch the dang movie. I prefer just one item on the menu - Play. The rest is fluff that is not needed.

If you want a real interactive movie - get Heavenly Sword, Lair or Uncharted.

Just give us the best video and audio quality, and if possible - as many episodes as possible on one disk if it is a series. For the rest... That is why I have a web browser...

KidMakeshift3811d ago

The blu-ray case now serves as a fleshlight

aiphanes3811d ago

I am just saying...A fleshlight?

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