Mass Effect 4 to be a prequel? BioWare looking at Mass Effect race histories

OXM UK: "Future Mass Effect sequels may delve back through galactic history to explore the origins of the Krogan, Asari and other races, according to Mass Effect 3's executive producer Michael Gamble."

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PamPoovey2391d ago

I know a lot of people will disagree but I still want to play Commander Shepard in the main title ME games. People always refer to this trilogy as Commander Shepards story but I feel like the main focus is on the Reapers and they're arrival.

I mean you can customize CS anyway so it's not like they can turn around and say "We want a brand new fresh chacter in the series"'s like doing a Bourne Film without Jason Bourne.......................O h wait Hollywood screwed that up aswell

dirigiblebill2391d ago

I'd kill to read/hear/watch more of the interracial chinwagging you got on Illium. Some really funny moments there, plus some really touching ones.

Chnswdchldrn2391d ago

Ugh...its like halo all over again

milking it dry aint ya EA?

honkyjesus2391d ago

We can see the origins of Chobot's giant head?

Saryk2391d ago

I wouldn’t do a prequel and wouldn’t buy it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a different story from a different perspective in 100 years after the finale of the third, depending on how it ends. And after reading about a prequel, I would expect something series ending.

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