10 ways to boost your Smithing – fast in Skyrim

Quickest way for me to reach level 100

1 – Visit the blacksmith in Windhelm and buy all the iron ingots and leather strips he has.

2 – When he runs out of ingots and strips, wait 48 –in-game hours and his inventory will automatically refresh.

3 – If you run out of money, there’s a general goods mechant at a stall nearby you can sell some junk to.

4 – Go to forge and start creating iron daggers. This increase your Smithing level super – fast.

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JohnnyMann4202361d ago

Noob. Who doesn't know this. Why even post this "spam"?

KingOfArcadia2361d ago

I can see some people using these kinds of methods to grind skills, but I much prefer doing it organically, the way the game meant it to be. I got my Smithing up to 100 in the end, although I was level 40 & had sunk in about 120 hours to get there. I think if I had ramped up much faster I would have been overpowered too early.

Suddenbrain2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Creating a list type article is a pretty sure way to get an entry approved on this site, but this just seems desperate.