Friends..How Many Of Us Have Them

We as older gamers are finding it more and more difficult to find new people to play with when our friends are busy with life. We decided to search the web for new places to find awesome teammates. We take a look at Gamebattles, Hupitgaming and have a great interview with TeRRor from Team Infinity.

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JoySticksFTW2355d ago

Friends..Ones We Can Depend On

Hicken2355d ago

Ones we can depend on (like in a firefight or boss battle).

kahjah2354d ago

I don't know why when I hear the Friends song I always mix in Freaks come out at night.

kahjah2355d ago

I was wondering who would get that.

Kyosuke_Sanada2355d ago

To me, nothing beats the friendships forged in an arcade....

kahjah2355d ago

Oh man, for real arcades were the best place to meet people to game with.