Battlefield 3 Bugs and Glitches Being Looked Into by DICE

MP1st - Feedback from Battlefield 3 fans is coming in hot as DICE acknowledges bugs and glitches requiring attention.

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2388d ago
gypsygib2388d ago

Fix the PS3 controller lag.

h311rais3r2388d ago

Why don't they look into the pc issues such as: no servers listed. Always empty servers. Can not connect to game. Etc. I haven't been able to play for weeks!

spektical2388d ago

Dice fan here.

I feel that there is less support for BF3 than there was for say BC2. What happened? VOIP/ input lag issues for PS3, and party issues once again.

what happened to all that DLC ( i know they said next week), but this is not the way to keep momentum going for an exceptional game.

Hufandpuf2388d ago

you know what they did for BC2? They waited almost a year to give up new DLC Maps. Granted every map was free, the Vietnam Expansion came out the next year.

They held you over since launch by releasing gamemodes for the same maps.

The patch support for BC2 in the first couple months was terrible (And that's true about EVERY Battlefield release).

I have become immune to the bugs in Battlefield games, I've played them too much and pretty much know how DICE operates in supporting their games.

Also, it may seem that BF3 isn't getting the support it deserves but if you compare the latest updates to the launch versions of each game you would see that every BF game isn't a Diamond. It's DICE's continued polish that makes them well respected.

hiredhelp2387d ago

Yeh i mean you right even given the bug's witch arnt exactly like what it was when it was in beta statge now or even launch.
Dice have kept to there wrd stated that they will continue to support there game to me that is what they have done.
Now you cant please everyone as gamers each to there own but if you visit bf3 forums specially the battlelog you gonna seea heap load of complaints. "HEAPS" But Dice have took it on the chin tryed to fix the main issue's dice arnt perfrect but id choose them over some other devs i could name but wont "C".
that being said i wish they stop listening to select few people and keep nurfing weapons,
a majority poll should be made before any changes to weapons i think.