Mass Effect 3 [Preview] - The first 90 minutes (IncGamers)

IncGamers: The end of Earth and a mission to Mars.

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iamironman1548d ago


male shepard or female shepard?

me: male sheppard.

The Meerkat1548d ago

That depends upon what you want to do with them.

Trenta271548d ago

The female is so much better. I hate the male shepard's voice.

JohnR1548d ago

i started playing as female and have done so ever since. i don't really know what the male version is like but in the trailers he looks a bit dull and just like every other game character out there.

despair1548d ago

female, easy, played 2 games as female shepard and tried to make a male character for ME2 but the voice was just soo bad.

ppazuzu1548d ago

It's a bummer you need Origin for the PC version of this.

JohnR1548d ago

it's not a video.

i like how they've changed the way you level up your character, even the change is a small one.