Is This Mass Effect 3 Moment As Controversial as a CoD Moment? (Minor Spoilers)

DJP's Dan writes:

"With video games in today’s modern world, we’re not exactly unfamiliar with scenes that some might find disturbing or unsettling but when I got to take the first 90 minutes or so of Mass Effect 3 for a spin last week, one particular scene got me wondering. Now if you don’t want Mass Effect 3 spoiled in any way, please don’t read on but the following is only a minor spoiler anyway."

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FrightfulActions2235d ago

The only thing that bothered me about this scene, was that I saw it in the E3 videos. Taught me a lesson to do my best to avoid previews of games I'm really, really looking forward to. I would had much rather experienced that moment myself, as my Shepard. It would had meant more. That being said, he may be on to something there. I wouldn't be surprised if Fox New's decides to put the spotlight on it at a some point. "This just in, Satan Game 'Mass Effect 3' lets your children have sexual relations with aliens and perform homosexual acts while watching the death of innocent children in-game." Sounds ridiculous and exaggerated enough to be on Fox News, doesn't it?

MsclMexican2235d ago

The difference between the ME3 child and the MW3 child deaths are this..

The Me3 one does not feel forced into the game, but rather shows the on going devastation the Reapers are causing to the world.

The MW3 one? You lost a truck, and just for kicks a child death was thrown in their for a cheap OMGWTF moment for the game. Seriously, you had to play through the father video recording his kid... and then boom.

Those COD moments feel shoe-horned in to make you feel emotional. I mean, when I played through MW3... I got pissed of, because of how unnecessary that whole event was.

Where as in Me3, it was just a small cut scene.

lzim2235d ago

I don't know why this is news.. or why it should even upset anyone. This is war. And the take away is that the child was spared being shot, or captured and turned into a husk, while trying to following Shepperd in the first place given the relentless ground assault by the reapers. What kind of effective game mechanic would it have been to try to protect him? versus senseless slaughter.

Shep could have done more to stay with the kid make sure he was safe but turned his back twice. Didn't say skip to Anderson about the kid being there so there would be TWO grown adults to shield him and lead him to safety.

But on the bright side would have died instantly and not horribly in the burning wreckage. Or actually surviving the initial reaper attack then the mid air impact, crash and trying to fend for himself until the invincible reaper invasion was repelled some 8 hours later.

da_2pacalypse2234d ago

As far as I'm concerned, Bioware is dead to me. Ea being the murderer. ME1 was amazing, but this series has just taken a huge nose dive.... Thanks EA -_-

jony_dols2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

In the innocent time before video-games no child ever died in war or conflict. Sure the Roman Colosseum, World Wars, Killing Fields, Gulags & Rwandan Genocide are nowhere as near traumatizing as seeing a bunch of pixels on a screen. Dern, video-games is corrupting peoples minds. Herpa derp.

h311rais3r2235d ago

Cods moments were completely pointless. They threw them in there to stir up media InvOlvement

Beahmscream2235d ago

Oh please... Nothing to see here, move along...

joab7772234d ago

It seems a bit obvious to me. One can easily be related to while the other appears science fiction. How many times has an innocent child been killed by terrorists in 2012 alone. I dunno, but i imagine it haa happened. And in time when the middle east is on fire and we all still have scars from 911, it isn't too far fetched to imagine something like this actually happening. In MW3 all the sights and sounds are very familiar and when this occurs, it hits home. I haven't played mass effect 3, but i imagine it is similar to the first 2, sci-fi. It is more like star wars etc. While it may help me to understand sheppherds struggles, It doesn't hit home. On 911, if you were a parent, it was first thought that entered your mind. Are my kids going to be alright?

This is the obvious difference for me. And, off topic but very important (im not trolling) if u were an opponent of SOPA, please Google ACTA. It seems our government has tried to pull one over on us. It was signed on Oct 1st, 2011.