BioWare: Co-op in RPGs will not become more common in the future

IncGamers: But... it works for Mass Effect 3.

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iamironman1816d ago

i hope not. some things need to remain single player please

BattleTorn1816d ago

I disagree. I hope it become more common.

Sharing the RPG experience/progress with a friend is great. (ie. Borderlands, Dead Island)

What I don't want RPGs (such as Mass Effect) to do, is start attempting to do competetive MP.

iamironman1816d ago

i think it can work in some cases like with borderlands. but it's the story that makes mass effect great. multiplayer ruins story.

PamPoovey1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Borderlands is differen't it was built up from the start to be a co-op game.....while a game like, for example, Elder Scrolls has always been known for it's amazing single player

Developers should never add co-op to an exsisting single player RPG, they should just make a new IP and build up co-op as the main focus of that game from the start

soundslike1816d ago

I think the Co-op is a way of getting around this gen's failure to support the full on "galaxy exploration" that they started to try in ME1.

Sadly the fact is, we wont see that type of thing fully developed until next gen consoles or pc exclusives.

papashango1816d ago

Of course I believe this. The only reason this works for me3 is because its not an rpg but a 3rd person shooter with rpg elements

Think its funny they refer to it as a rpg

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Godmars2901816d ago

Just wish they'd stop calling ME an RPG - cause its not.

PamPoovey1816d ago

Soon as they added ammo...sorry thermal clips, in ME2 I knew it was going to loose all it's RPG charm.

maniacmayhem1816d ago

What justifies it not being an RPG? It has role playing elements just like any normal action non turned based RPG.

You manage your characters and their equipment, weapons and armor. there's places to explore, side missions to do and npc's to talk to and learn more about your environment or their race.

How is this different from any other RPG?

Godmars2901816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

The overly simplified character management system and over emphasis on shooting. A gameplay requirement based on reflexes and aim.

COD claims to have RPG elements but its certainly not an RPG.

maniacmayhem1816d ago

I seriously disagree.

The emphasis is on shooting because that's what the gameplay is all about. It's a non turn based sci-fi adventure RPG. Of course those elements would be emphasized. But you also had medics, tank classes, soldier, and magic users(in a sense).

As for over simplified character management, I think it was streamlined and seriously improved on from part 1.

maybe if I knew your expectations of what an RPG should be I could understand your point better. Anyways I can't wait for part 3 to this fantastic series.

Kaos_Vll1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Right, because a game that focus's more on combat gameplay rather than mundane xp grinding CAN'T be an rpg right?

I love the series, and 1 is my fav so far, but it had HORRIBLE combat and they knew it. Did they strip too much rpg elements on the 2nd? YES

Hopefully 3 will have those elements restored ALONG with great combat gameplay, as that is the ONLY difference between 1 and 2.

I'll never understand those that think an rpg has to have horrible combat to be considered a true rpg.

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MysticStrummer1816d ago

It will become more common, but it will never be prevalent.

Coach_McGuirk1816d ago

I'm a gamer and I want more co-op rpgs.

Minato-Namikaze1816d ago

Play white knight chronicles 2. Need more games like that