Does Final Fantasy XIII-2 Represent the End of Square, or a New Beginning?

1UP: Earlier this week, Gamasutra published a scathing criticism of Final Fantasy XIII-2 penned by our colleague (and occasional Retronauts podcast guest) Christian Nutt. Though contextualized through an extended comparison to Red Letter Media's popular video critiques of the Star Wars prequel films, his commentary touched upon many of the same points and concerns I addressed in my own review of the game. Where our opinions differ, I think, is in our ultimate conclusion of XIII-2's merits (or lack thereof); I found the game flawed but a welcome step in correcting the series' course after two widely lambasted entries, while Christian feels it represents a deep, systemic rot at Square Enix's internal development studio.

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Ranma12331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

FF13-2 shows SE is willing to take FF into the wrong direction to make money, the direction of COD.

Edit: why is this site so slow at times, anyone else?

Snookies122331d ago

Yeah, it keeps giving me errors at times when it loads slowly... :\ Kinda annoying, hopefully they fix that soon!

brish2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )


Troll, still complaining about FFXIII-2! Wouldn't have ever guessed that would happen.

MaideninBlack2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

I like to think of it as an ending of a new beginning.

Snookies122331d ago

It's hopefully the end of Toriyama and Wada, and the beginning of Nomura. Don't worry, Versus will save the FF name, I guarantee that much.

Eamon2330d ago

I seriously hope that after FF13-2, there will be a huge change in creative positions. Toriyama and Wada have soiled the great reputation Final Fantasy once had.

Let's hope Nomura can save Final Fantasy with Versus.

Also, bring back Limit Breaks and FF Victory Fanfare! XD

kreate2330d ago

I thought it was the beginning of the ending of square.

Knight_Cid2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Again with this crap? The game is a platinum seller with most reviews over 80

enough of this
It didnt flop, it isnt a bad game, and I doubt square cares
"the game caters so desperately to the developers' perception of Western tastes in terms of mechanics"
You mean like how its turn base?
You mean like how you have a party to control?
You mean like how theres micromanaging? its all very japanese, this game wasnt meant to appeal to anyone but rpg fans

"Castlevania series, rebooted into something almost unrecognizable."

Did I imagine 4 metroidvanias?

"Mega Man, a stump of a brand cauterized by its own creators and rendered a laughingstock."

Did I imagine megaman 9 and 10, zx, zx advent?

"Zelda, still solid but increasingly bogged down by its desire to be everything to everyone"

You mean like how both games sold very well and got the majority of reviews over 90?

"Phantasy Star barely exists."

Is that why it had 1 game on the 360, 1 game on the ds, 2 on the psp, and another coming on the pc? Most series dont have that much support

"Sonic the Hedgehog is in such a dire state that fans are willing to cling to the merest glimmer of competence as a sign of hope."

Is that why sonic colors, sonic generations, sonic rush were fantastic?

"The next Metal Gear had to be outsourced to Platinum after its creators couldn't figure out what to do with it. "

FALSE. They gave it to a WESTERN company and they were so bad, kojima had to give it to someone else

"Even reliable Dragon Quest has pissed off its most loyal fans by going massively multiplayer for its tenth installment."

most people think its awesome because it isnt an mmo. You dont need to be online. You can make a party with cpu's direct there battle commands everything

I really like jeremy but the entire article comes out as a hating trolling piece

Jeremy. Stick to reviews or news.

Because when you pretend you have facts about other games, it comes out wrong

Blaine2331d ago

Ffs, Square's been gone for a long time now. It's Squeenix.

Optical_Matrix2331d ago

You need to realise that actually, the problem with Square Enix is Wada and Toriyama. Why Toriyama was given so much power over FFXIII is beyond my understand. Was FFX-2 not a hint that this man cannot produce a game with a good story to save his life?

Snookies122330d ago

It wasn't really about the story... It was the direction he took the characters in, as well as the horrible writing. "Disasteriffic"? The hell does that even mean Rikku!? Sorry, but it lost me at that point... -_-

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