New Mass Effect 3 screens are all guns, girls and gas

IncGamers: ...fancy guns, alien girls and a gaseous Mars. All a days work for a buccaneering space marine type guy.

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wallis2357d ago

WOO! This is EXACTLY what I want from an rpg. Who wants stats and loot from an rpg when you can just shoot stuff and stare at blue boobies? I constantly find myself looking at the games industry and thinking there is a HUGE gap in the market for 3rd person unreal engine 3 shooters with lots of explosions, guns, co-op and waist high cover.

I'm so tired of my rpg's requiring me to do silly things like acquire loot and build up stats. BORING. I much prefer it when an rpg is all about an explosive narrative that rapes your eye sockets with scripted sequences. Also swords that come out of your wrist in a woooshy vooomshy kind of way because nothing gives me an erection like breasts and voomshy noises.

SageHonor2357d ago

LOL, somebody hasnt been following ME3.

LordLaguz2357d ago

What about girls with gases using guns?