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Submitted by tiffac008 1469d ago | article

What Hirai's promotion means for Sony (and you)

Gamasutra: It's official: a video game guy is taking the reins of one of the leading electronics manufacturers on planet Earth. (Kaz Hirai, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Sony)

Brosy  +   1469d ago
I wonder if he will be a blabbering idiot like Ken Kutaragi was.
kaz-hirai  +   1469d ago
superadvanced  +   1469d ago
THESONYPS3  +   1469d ago
kaz rules :D
Kevin ButIer  +   1469d ago
I like Kaz... great dude, new boss :P
sikbeta  +   1468d ago

You talk about 4D and all that s***? lol


1. What it means for Sony, for the best of all the people working there, is that maybe he can do all things right and save the company, so, best luck to him and all the others

2.For me, doesn't mean s***, I just care about PlayStation and if Sony crashes and burn, you damn sure PlayStation will be dragged as well, so honestly, hoping the best to all Sony, so PlayStation can stay in the gaming industry delivering the goods :)
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MasterCornholio  +   1469d ago
Are you in any way related to Bundi? Because you sure sound like you are.

GribbleGrunger  +   1469d ago
if you took 1/8 of Ken, put that 1/8 through a meat grinder and then selected 1/16 from what was left, it would be worth 10 times more than you
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slutface  +   1469d ago
Blasphemous! Don't talk about the God that way!
SilentNegotiator  +   1469d ago
Don't pretend like people are over-reacting to an obvious anti-sony troll.
Queefy_B  +   1469d ago

How dare you mock Lord Kutaragi you peon, and yes Emporer Hirai has come to save us dont worry guys.
hiredhelp  +   1469d ago
So what if he is a blabber but hes no idiot.
hes done us very prous as ps3 owners, if you have followed him you would know this.
Look at the ip's and the new studios bought over the past 2 years took on by sony.
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ShoryukenII  +   1469d ago
I don't like this guy's hands. They scare me.
kaz-hirai  +   1469d ago
I am a man of vision and power! I will continue to invest in the Playstation and make it like no other home console on the market!
GraveLord  +   1469d ago
Have any PS4 updates for us?
CarlitoBrigante  +   1469d ago
Sup homie, can you please bring back Ken Kutaragi father of PlayStation?

We miss you Ken!
THC CELL  +   1469d ago
This guy loves gaming.. Next ps will be ultimate
Sobari  +   1469d ago
It means more Ridge Racer.
Burackus  +   1469d ago
lol, More like Riiiiiidge RACER!!!!!
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   1469d ago
Since I'm not a stock holder so it really doesn't mean much to me just hope he can get the brand macron top. I wish him all the luck.
RememberThe357  +   1469d ago
Well lets hope it means a beefed up network with all their music and movies at your finger tips. I really can't wait to see what they do with this network idea. PS4 please.
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Hyperbomb69  +   1469d ago
So maybe Sony as a whole will have a better focus on their video game department? This will probably mean more exclusives and more games in general! PS4 is gonna be great!
A LIVING LEGEND  +   1469d ago
I hope we aren't but secretly know we are.
By 'we' I mean you,by 'you' I mean....
C0MPUT3R  +   1469d ago
Despite losing $2 Billion in Q3. SONY's stock rose +8.9% on Friday. More than any japanese company ALL YEAR.
Why? Kaz Hirai knows his shit. He turned around the train wreck that was the PS3. SONY also is forcasting $200 Billion Yen in profits for its next fiscal year.
This is so awesome from a gamers perspective. A PlayStation guy is running SONY this is going to make competition between the big 3 very interesting in the coming years.
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C0MPUT3R  +   1468d ago
Waddy101  +   1468d ago
That's ~13% from a drop though. The stocks were ~18 on Wednesday, they dropped to ~17 yesterday and are now up to ~19. So the 13% is a bit over-exaggerated :)
Biohazard8860  +   1469d ago
Ridgeee racerr !!!!!!!! could not resist lol
SpartanGR  +   1468d ago
I've always believed that a Japanese should run a Japanese company
banjadude  +   1468d ago
While they are at it, give Jackie T a promotion too. He's a hard-working, gamer man too!

Congrats to Mr. Kaz Hirai; very awesome guy.
SnowBlu  +   1468d ago

team kaz ftw howard sucks

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