Twisted Metal - How to Get Out of Map [HD]

How to get out of the map in the Twisted Metal Demo.

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rajman2235d ago

WTF the video only has 5 views and already this article has 7 approvals within 2 minutes o_0

TheBeast2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

World works in mysterious ways :P plus people have more than one approval point.

Btw: 11 views.

360ICE2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

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on topic:
am i the only one who thinks the Twisted Metal controls were a bit counter intuitive?

I am not saying I dislike Twisted Metal or Sony, I only thought the control scheme was a bit strange, and am aware of the fact that you can change scheme if you want. The "360" in my username is not in any way affiliated with the console "Xbox 360" produced by Sony rival Microsoft. This message is believe it or not, neccessary. That's the world we live in.

lorianguy2235d ago

There is a lot going on for one controller, but I believe that, although awkward at first, the Classic controlls do actually work.

Criminal2235d ago

I can't wait for the game to come out. From what I've played so far, this is one of the most fun MP games in recent years.

Jason1432235d ago

I like how easy it is. I went 19-0 first game of nuke and was laughing as you hear the other people explode and yell into their mics. I cant wait for the story cutscenes and big robot transformations. I agree its the most fun out for sure

Jason1432235d ago

ps this guy who posted this is an idiot. should have posted in demo feedback forum.

goukijones2235d ago

Twisted Metal already broken. Heard. Next time when you get outside the map, how about drive out there and see what's going on. Dies immediately. Don't worry Jaffe knows about this.

soundslike2235d ago

Yep simple change to hitboxes and map borders in a demo = broken game. You heard it here first.

Blaze9292235d ago

sooo....what's the point of this?

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