5 Things We’d Like to See in the Next ‘Final Fantasy’

Final Fantasy XIII-2 might only be just a few days old, but even before its announcement, or perhaps even once gamers started seeing footage of its predecessor Final Fantasy XIII, fans were already looking toward the future. Yes, there are elements contained within the world of 13 and 13-2 that bare some resemblance to the Final Fantasy�of yesteryear, but only marginally so. It seems like based on the trajectory of this franchise, Square Enix better be gearing up for a drastic overhaul, and we thought we'd help them with a few choice suggestions.

Granted, there is still Final Fantasy Versus XIII along with a rumor that Final Fantasy XIII-3 is on the way, but we're talking about a true Final Fantasy follow-up – basically Final Fantasy XV. So without further ado, here are our top five things we hope to see in the next Final Fantasy.

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