Kaz to prioritize the PlayStation Brand, Software

Kazuo Hirai, former PlayStation boss and newly appointed CEO, details his future plans for Sony.

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Brosy2386d ago

With the losses Sony suffered last year, I would say he has his work cut out for him. He's walking into a clusterf**k.

fluffydelusions2386d ago

I would argue with you but you've already used your one bubble.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2386d ago

I don't know how you're getting disagree's Brosy... well, actually, this is the land of the SDF, so I guess I do understand, but you said it man. He has his work cut out for him big time. This is going to make it tough on the PS4, and they can't have it come out to far behind the new Xbox if they want to stay a float.

The SDF on here want to laugh of, or spin away a 3 BILLION DOLLAR SONY LOSS, but this is too big to do. Good luck to him on his trials. They need to concentrate on TV's, and the Playstation. Get rid of the movie studios.

SilentNegotiator2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Oh, you don't know? I guess anyone who would use the term "SDF" wouldn't....

Anyone can see brosy is trolling.

PamPoovey2386d ago

I don't understand how your trying to say this is a pro Sony site, what because people call BS on MS lies and lack of interest to us core gamers....thats not being fanboyish it's just people not being blind sheep. Anyway I've seen way more people on here being bubbled down for stating the obvious truths about MS then 360 fans talking crap about the PS3 like you and Brosy.

rhcpfan2386d ago


You can't actually be serious... Need I remind you of that article where Uncharted 3 got an 8/10?

sikbeta2386d ago


Someone needs to take care of this mess, If Kaz didn't do it, he would expect s*** gets worst and lose his job? that's dumb man :P he's there because he was able to make PlayStation bounce back, got nothing to do with sales and s*** though

Thing is, you can compare PlayStation @ the beginning of this gen and now and you'll see the difference


It's the perfect idea, but for some reason I don't think the old f*** @ Sony HQ would let that happen

Remember, this is Sony we're talking about, they're proud of making TVs that can pretty much kill the whole company

They still live in the times when Sony's Trinitron Series ruled the world, that's like 15 years ago, they're stuck in time and they're making the company die

TheUnbiasedLion2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I agree with you. He has an uphill battle, regardless of natural disasters and Korean competition.
Playstation is profitable he dosnt really need to change much. They need to have that sense of innovation and cool again with their products (like the Walkman).
This recession has been hard and it's a strong yen atm things will take a while to get back to normal.
I wish him all the best :)

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remanutd552386d ago

well i really loved his idea of having a sony unified network now lets see what else is there to come from him , sony now owns the full sony ericsson mobile so now i want to see a full psn integrated xperia phone , heck if they could make a xperia /ps4 / psn cell phone then they will most likely get my $ on the mobile department as well but as of now samsung galaxy nexus will do

specialguest2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

A lot of people including myself for the longest time didn't realized that Sony Ericsson phones were not made by Sony, but actually buy the Ericsson side. I used to wonder why Sony Ericsson phones seemed to lag behind its competition.

Now that Sony bought out Ericsson, we may start to see a their mobile phones at its full potential and glory.

wombocombo2386d ago

Imho Sony need to rebalance the Playstation brand, MS have successfully targeted the younger marketplace with the 360 in this gen.

The slightly older people (me) who recognise and buy the PS brand out of very fond memories have less disposable income in the current climate - hence why I don't buy many games at release, I simply can't justify it (damn hurts though).

However, when children want something, for example as a present, the parents are more likely to buy it 'what little Johnny want's - little Johnny gets'. The MS marketing machine works wonders - if they are asking for a 360 then that's what the parents will buy...

Btw most kids I know are playing titles way over their age limit, so this isn't about the hardcore - it's about marketing and market perception.

My 7 year old wants a 360, simply because his friends have one - most aren't even aware of the PS3.

First post so be gentle...;-)

Spydr072386d ago

Well said, but unfortunately your logic and reasoning mean nothing here on N4G. You thought you could come here with your intelligence and get away with it?!?!? What rubbish! Intelligence here is like a one-legged crack wh0r3 running a marathon...

remanutd552386d ago

ps3 is doing great , sony will most likely prioritize the playstation vita this year , gotta remember sony dont have just one console on the market , they are about to launch a new portable system , they just bought ericsson's share from sony ericsoon so they can have total control on their mobile strategy and now they want to enter a new market ( medical ) , the TVs are not doing good but the playstation brand is doing great , ps3 is selling good and lets see how vita does , i dont think sony should focus on the ps3 only , i think they should focus on vita and the upcoming ps4 launch line up , ps3 has the games its just my opinion

sikbeta2386d ago


Know what's funny, although you're right about making PlayStation "rebalance", the gaming division is currently one of the few running relatively well, while everything else is going down the s**** so, imagine how the other divisions are working...

smashcrashbash2386d ago

Sorry your post doesn't make sense. I don't know any 7 year olds who wants a 360 or a PS3 especially seeing that most of the games are for adults. I know lots of 7 year olds that want a Wii. There is nothing really on the 360 or PS3 for 7 year olds so I am not sure what type of 7 year old you have.Also since Xbox Live is full of cursing, foul mouth crazies and most games are played online i am not sure you should buy one for him.

Spydr072386d ago

The first games I played were Tron and Altered Beast. Yes, I was around 7 and no, I don't think they are kid games. They are probably more PS/MS games compared to Ninty. Just saying there are people who liked more than Super Mario Sunshine as a kid.

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portal_22386d ago

^^^ How about a competitively priced smartphone to rival the iPhone and BB. I think the Sony ion is only half way there at the moment. (Also get rid of the sony overlay altogether).

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