Call of Duty Elite: Worth It?

As all of you are already aware a couple(literally a couple) new maps were released for Modern Warfare 3 this month. These maps were exclusive to Call of Duty Elite members on the Xbox 360. The maps will be available to those of us who don’t have a premium membership in March, for approximately 15 dollars, or 1200 Microsoft points.

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360ICE2302d ago

No, I don't think so.

lorianguy2302d ago

They make you think it is, but the quality of the items you pay for turns out to be below-par. At least in my opinion.

h311rais3r2302d ago

2 maps for 15 bux. Or 57.99(Canadian) for the membership. Well elite may be the better deal but it's still a rip off for offering paid services which other games offer for free. But hey it's call of duty so it's ok.

dvfaa2302d ago

57.99 Canadian? i payed only 49.99 even.. and most of it is free.. just the competitions to win free stuff, Elite TV(which isn't very special) and DLC you have to pay to get

MizTv2302d ago

if you are going to get the maps yes but otherwise no

Oschino19072302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

@h3llrais3r - Majority of it is FREE. What other companies also offer a FREE console and smartphone app so you don't have to be on a computer to use it???

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