1080p HD Final Fantasy XIII Trailers in MP4 with Enhanced Audio has enhanced the audio and converted the Final Fantasy XIII trailers to MP4 and to HD resolutions 1080p and 720p, viewable on your computer and PS3. 480p and PSP resolution versions of the enhanced trailers are also available.


Due to being down you can find the 1080p HD Trailers here.;9270164;/fileinfo.html;9269604;/fileinfo.html


Second Update: The second trailer there has been updated to the original file from The Original Versus file is coming.

Third Update: The first trailer, the Versus trailer, has been updated to the original file from

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killax35633533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

The trailer is amazing. You can download the 720p version here:

edit: oh, my bad.

KineticX3533d ago

Your link is to 480p vids not 720p. You have to look at the second number not the first, in the resolution.
720p = 1280x720

ublender3533d ago

Q: What happens you you provide a 1080p extended Final Fantasy 13 trailer or two on your site?


Crazyeyez3533d ago

Here You Get A COOKIE!!!! =)

El_Colombiano3533d ago

Hahahahahaha!!! Pure genius, bubbles man, bubbles...

Xemnas3533d ago

It's not working x_X!!!!!!!!!!1