Battlefield 3's Giant Recon is the Scariest Glitch Ever

GR - "Battlefield 3 is far from bug-free, and this may well be the scariest glitch we've ever seen. I present to you: the giant recon."

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d0nni32063d ago

Haha reminds me of people getting into the sky box on CS:S

Magnus2063d ago

Thats awsome it looks like a monster trying to kill people and it even has eyes lmfao

M4I0N32063d ago

rofl yeah, i mean if theres a glitch doing this in battlefield, imagine what dinosaur horde mode would be like

2063d ago
Snookies122063d ago

That made me laugh my ass off... Ah the wonders of Battlefield 3... You just don't get that kind of stuff with other shooters these days. XD

Hufandpuf2063d ago

It looked like a duck LOL. if the enemy saw the same thing, I know they were scared as hell. Like "fuck the objective, im getting the hell outta here!"

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The story is too old to be commented.