Screw the haters, buy a Vita

GameZone's Lance Liebl addresses all of the PS Vita haters in a letter.

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Brosy2062d ago ShowReplies(4)
Ramas2062d ago

buy a vita, ok give me money then i buy :)

jujubee882062d ago

The PS Vita is already a bargain, and Sony is basically passing the savings onto you. Deductive logic shows that the money you spend will be given back to you.

I am not kidding, btw.

LOGICWINS2062d ago

"The PS Vita is already a bargain"

Tell that to the average Mom and Dad who want to buy their kid a gift and see a $250 price point. The price will drop in six months or less, just wait and see.

Waddy1012062d ago

@LOGICWINS In terms of the hardware it contains it is obvious that it will be expensive, it's not a bargain as such but it is definitely well priced for the base console.

Pushagree2062d ago

Gamers who have thier parents buy things for them are not gamers. That is why most wii sales dont count.

Redempteur2062d ago

Vita is not for a kids for now ... the main interest is for people who can afford it .. ( aka gamers, people with a job , or rich kids )

Sony will think for the famillies when christmas will be around the corner's not like the poorer family can't afford a psp in the meantime.

LOGICWINS2061d ago

"Gamers who have thier parents buy things for them are not gamers. That is why most wii sales dont count."


moparful992061d ago

@Logic Then tell me why I see 10 and 12 year old kids walking around with iphones?? 4-5 hundred dollar iphones.. If you count the cost of the 2 year contract its even more... But thats different right? Give me a break man, what about all of those moms and dads that whent out and bought the 360 kinect bundles? Way more then $250 dollars... People will buy something if the percieved value is there.. The vita has the best of the iphone and console gaming in a fairly small compact design that has the content to go with it... Logicfail

LOGICWINS2061d ago

"People will buy something if the percieved value is there.."

The worldwide perceived value of an iphone is MUCH different that the worldwide perceived value of the Vita...and you know I'm right. Most gamers don't even know what Vita is...yet everyone and their mother knows what an iphone is.

An iphone also doubles as a phone, which is a necessity in this day in age. That simple fact alone makes an iphone more worthy of a purchase in the eyes of the mainstream.

moparful992061d ago

@logic So a $400 dollar phone is essential for a kid? You're stretching here.. I myself have an iphone 3g and yes I have games on it.. But I barely play them and most were the (lite) or free versions of games.. THe only games I payed for was tetris(mistake) and a gt racing game that was hard to control.. But as far as a kid goes, I would never spend that kind of money for a kid to have an iphone.. My child would be lucky to get a Lg neon, or a nokia flip phone.. Not because I am stingy but because there is no need for a kid to have that kind of phone..

trenso12061d ago

@Pushagree how is that so? your parent buys you games so you not a gamer? what backwards logic. if they play FF, BF3 skyrim dark souls resistance killzone halo and whole assortment of games. how are they less of a gamer than you? and unless you have bought every game you ever owned by your self you must fall into that "non gamer" category to.

Ramas2061d ago

guys its not bargain you would pay about 250gbp for vita and imagine how much you will spend on games? i would spend atleast 700 in a year. so total price for vita would be 1000k for one year, witch is expensive like hell.
i do have a job, but i need to eat and pay taxes etc, not much money left to throw around

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jujubee882062d ago

*first n4g comment comes from a person who states he will not buy a PS Vita unless it is $50 USD*

Holy crap that is funny. Also, "Brosy" wrote his comment about 30 minuets before this article was approved. That is some high quality "trolling" (as the kids say).

All this crap and I have not even read the article, yet! I think I will do that now. :)

Sev2062d ago

Sounds more like to me someone came to this URL specifically while in pending to stir up some controversy.

Kaizin5142062d ago

I fail to see how sitting on the toilet with a photoshopped iPhone has anything to do with this article. Maybe he likes to play games while sitting on the toilet? Maybe he explained this in the article, but I didn't wanna read it.

Riggans422062d ago

well there ya go, read the article and you'll see.

josephayal2062d ago

Good article, VITA Day one no matta What

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