The New Xbox: Wants And Needs (Genuine Gamers)

Liam from Genuine Gamers takes a look at the speculation surrounding the new Xbox, while pondering what we want from the inevitable new machine and what we can realistically expect to see.

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Brosy2332d ago

Better graphics, and plenty of "hardcore" titles is all I want. I hope they don't force Kinect onto us, that could be a deal breaker. Nintendo caused this damn casualization of the consoles. I hope they rot for it. I want a core gamers console.

Noticeably_FAT2332d ago

All I want is an upgrade in hardware, keep XBL tight and streamlined and amazing like it already is. Also make it fully backwards compatible, put an end to HD remakes and the like.

Keep your Achievements from the 360 and have the ability to add to it with 720 games.

Continue to have quality first party support and stellar, if not superior third party support.

Magnus2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I want a machine thats had the shit tested out of it and not rushed out the door to be the first to hit store shelves and then find out its cooks itself again.I don't want the chyme everytime I power up the console or eject the disc it gets annoying. I wouldn't mind a stronger 1st party line up of exclusives. Don't jack the price up on XBL when the new system arrives can't wait to see what this new system will do.

Mikhail2332d ago

No RROD fiasco again, new IP's, integrate it more with Windows PC and mobile. I'll buy it immediately if the price is right along with their windows phone.

negative2332d ago

Can we stop killing off the current gen already??????

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