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Ken McKown writes: Since its inception, the SoulCalibur series has been one of my favorites. I still hum the opening music to Soul Edge on a regular basis, and I am one of those insane people that bought all three versions of SoulCalibur II for every exclusive character. The last iteration was, by far, one of the most impressive the series has seen.

The introduction of Create a Soul and the new engine really made SCIV one of the better fighting games of this generation. When SCV was announced I was ecstatic at the progression of the series. To my disappointment though, this chapter in the long-running franchise feels more like a lateral move.

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Baka-akaB2299d ago

"It really just feels like SC Generations or something, there are no truly new styles outside of Ezio and newcomer Z.W.E.I. (by the way, that wolf is truly awesome)"

Well dont forget there is Viola too . Aeon and dampierre can be called new addition , as very few bothered with a psp version . Or the devil jin style .

"the main story protagonists are clones of Sophitia."

This a complain that oddly didnt appear much when there were Sophitia and Cassandra with the same fighting style with variants , and lizardman on top of that .

And now people wanna pretend it should be different for PAtroklos and Phyrra , with both Soph and cass even gone , and lizardman going a different road .

"but more because it felt like it didn’t take any steps forward to advance the series. Everything here feels old-hat and reused. I was expecting more from a series that has defined itself over the years as being progressive."

Except it did reinvent itself through a tremendeous change of speed and pace , one we hadnt seen since SC2 . Or new mechanics that at best would be reminiscent of other games and franchises such as the Soul edge ancestor , or like current journalists love to blindly refer too : SF4 .

Sometimes you have to wonder what it is that blogs or websites truly want , and if they even know it themselves .

They would complain if its too different . So when devs exactly settle for the compromise of old+new , suddenly they want changes .

Once a reviewer has decided so , nothing could ever be done to change his mind , despites multiple gameplay proofs of otherwise .

I respect your opinion , but i think too many yesterday and before are scrapping the barrel to find stuff to throw at the game beyond the Sp beyond subpar , despite a bigger attempt at a sp campaign , except for the games Named mk9 and blazblue ... or characters being sadly missing because of the rushed release

ZeroTolerance2299d ago

I appreciate your criticisms, and the fact that you didn't just throw things out without backup. While I agree that there is plenty here for people to enjoy, I got an extreme underwhelming feeling while playing the game. Nothing really stood out to me, and I played an abundance of SCIV right before this released.

That said I can totally see people enjoying the game, that I admit in the review. In fact several of my staff are adoring the game right now. Again this is just my take on the game. I felt progression from 2-4, maybe not so much in 3, it felt a little disappointing, but going from 4-5 I did not see a $60 increase in quality for me personally.

I also know that I was not the only one. It is easy to merit a game on being the same, but likely these are the same people that rip on sports games year in and year out for being too much of the same. The difference here is that this was three years in the making, not 12 months.

TheBlackSmoke2299d ago

Hey Zero

So I read through your review and honestly I think you have grossly undervalued the amount of change in the mechanics of this game. You keep referencing this "leap" from SC2-SC4 when the reality is SC4 is probably the most hated of the lot and all the changes since SC2 have actually been non nonsensical and detrimental to the series.

Now with SCV, there is a consensus that the gameplay shares a lot of traits with SC2, the use of supers and meter management adds a new metagame and makes for a more exciting spectacle, overall the gamplay is stripped back, faster and snappier.

You seem to use Mortal Kombat a lot as your benchmark and to be fair MK really did do the story aspect the best so far but I have to say what? Yeah cool you got to play your adventure for 5 hours but that game is now dead because no attention was paid to any of the competitive aspects, The worst online netcode ever, poor training mode, small stupid things like not being able to set your buttons on the pause screen and a complete mess in terms of balance, there's been what feels like thousands of patches now.

Sorry but as fighting gamers we want the Fighting to be the most important aspect and Project soul has focused on that, to add they probably created the best online code for a fighting game I have ever played and the training mode is so good its near VF4:EVO level. Project soul have ensured that their game will now live on whilst MK is dead in the water.

D3mons0ul2298d ago

The mainstream media apparently only wants there to be ONE successful franchise in each genre.

oricon2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Lol @ the game feeling like there's no advancement to the fighting system, obviously to casual player, all their gonna notice is the most blatant obvious features like the supers.

Ill use SF4 as an example why i dislike fighting game reviews, all their reviewing from the game play is the really basic features, for example focus attacks and ultras, they don't go in depth into the actual gameplay, such as how frame trapping works, fadc, os teching etc. When i see reviewers play these games they just mash and play randomly and brainlessly, watch any SF4, mvc3 or w/e review they just mash, they will play every fighting game EXACTLY the same, they don't take the game seriously like any other game seriously, it's like me playing phoenix wright and not thinking about why i should just submit a certain evidence instead ill just go through trial and error and try submitting every evidence till i find the right evidence to submit that's not playing the game properly, this is how i feel about fighting game reviewers.

90% of fighting game reviews just briefly go over the fighting mechanics, when playing fighting games you have to take your time like for example an RPG you can't just play arcade mode and story mode or w/e to learn how the game is meant to be played or get a feel of the mechanics.

Alot of reviewers praise MK9 for example for its xray moves which are pretty useless in matchs other than finishing since it alot better to save the meter to break combos and bring back fatalities which do nothing for the game its basically just after match taunt that does nothing for the actual gameplay.

I really liked 1UPs review for KOF13 because they got someone who actually plays fighting games and understands the mechanics in fighting games and not just checks what modes and how many modes this fighting game has, when people review COD they don't use story as being a major point of the game they mainly review aspects which people actually play like the multilayer, the mechanics and online, i don't understand why fighting games get subjected to this.

FrustratedFury2299d ago

Wait, a 7 out of 10?! You hated the game THAT bad? That's like the worst score you could give it. You know, because there's only 10,9,8, and 7 on the review chart...

Logan_22299d ago

The reviewer abviously hates games.

PaladinXII2299d ago

No, the reviewer *six-pack* abviously hates games. Duh.

Redempteur2299d ago

"The introduction of Create a Soul and the new engine really made SCIV one of the better fighting games of this generation."
i just want to point out that creating your character is possible in SC3 It's not an introduction or a new thing in SC4 .