Dead Island is Expected to Launch for OnLive ‘Very Soon’

Back in June of 2011 at E3, OnLive announced a list of games that would be coming to the service. On it included a game that many OnLive users have been eagerly awaiting ever since. That game was Dead Island. Since then the release date has been pushed back on several occasions.

Many OnLive users had expected that Dead Island would be released on the service at the same time it was released on other platforms–September 6, 2011. That day came and went, and the game was never released. On September 7, OnLiveFans reported that the game would be delayed until mid to late October, after talking with developers at Deep Silver, Inc.

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BiggCMan2388d ago

I enjoyed this game a lot more than I thought I would. It's fun, silly, and addicting to get the best weapons, a lot like Borderlands was to me. It deserves more credit than what people said about it months ago. I'd say the only bad thing it has going for it is the story, but everything else is solid. There is this really bad glaring/blurry issue on consoles though, which I imagine is what annoyed many people, but on PC it's much better and not there at all.

BattleTorn2388d ago

I agree; highly addicting. Depsite many displeased buyers, I had an absolute blast playing this game (both co-op/SP)

I just got a brand-new PC, perhaps I'll have to re-purchase this later to see the visual-differences. (because I'm fully aware of this blur you speak of, from playing on Xbox)

On a side note, I can't believe people say we don't need new hardware, yet our current-gen games' are being STREAMED on OnLive (even tablets).

Isn't there a saying that Next-Gen is only necessary once we're emulating the current?
(Isn't that what's happening here)

Ducky2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Err, not exactly fair to use OnLive to knock on current-gen hardware.

OnLive essentially plays the game on their own hardware (PC), and then streams it to your screen. It's like watching a youtube video except you have control over the game.

Even if the next-gen arrived with massively better hardware, OnLive would still be able to play those new games (they'll just have to upgrade their own machines).

So console hardware doesn't really have anything to do with it.

jeromejones12388d ago

Onlive is a really promising service.. I used it quite often but one thing I cant get over is the terrible compression in the image displayed. Its all fuzzy and shit, lots of artificacts. The problem increases when you play 60FPS games. My net connection allows the best quality n speed aswell.

BattleTorn2388d ago

see this is something I would not put up with. It seems OnLive is truly for people that have not played via any other method.

Because otherwise, wouldn't the users notice the compression?