Activision Offered Harmonix Chance to Work Together

MTV, Harmonix allegedly declined Activision's proposed "agreement".

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Rice3843d ago

i wonder wat would have happened

xplosneer3842d ago

Because I won't buy RockBand because of it and my GH3 guitar broke(waiting on reply from Activision about that one)

bootsielon3842d ago

However, it's too expensive, so my choice will be Singstar when it comes out. Besides, I rather have HD videos of the songs, more Song and music industry support, and upload mine to compete.

hektop3842d ago

I don't care who is at fault, there should not be a reason why a game controller should not work with all similar games.

As far as I know sixaxis works with all games, it would be stupid to have to buy a controller for every single game specially since they are play the same way.

Why PS3 can not do it and XBOX360 can (I know one is wireless and the other one not), but as I started I don't care just make it work