Alan Wake, new publishers confirmed for Origin

Remedy Entertainment is the latest big name to sign up to Origin, EA's rapidly growing PC digital download service.

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NYC_Gamer2390d ago

good news for gamers who are fans of the origin service

d0nni32390d ago

I think you'd struggle to find many, it's been nothing but a pain in the arse for me!

gamingdroid2390d ago

Which is unfortunate for the rest of the industry. Origin isn't just an inferior service to Steam, but it is also VERY anti-consumer unlike Steam.

It wouldn't surprise me if GameStop had more pro consumer digital platform.

Rageanitus2390d ago

As long as it comes on steam. Origin needs to evolve alot

SonyNGP2390d ago

As long as the Steam version is intact, I'm okay with this.

InTheLab2390d ago

As much s*** as I give Origin, at least it's better than GFWL. Not much better, but EA is at least supporting the platform.

Mikhail2390d ago

I am reluctant to buy this again since I have it on 360. Perhaps I'll buy it when it's on sale