Reckoning dev: 'Rampant' piracy makes big budget PC exclusives unlikely

IncGamers: ...unless you're an MMO.

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DA_SHREDDER2391d ago

bwhahaha. Any good pc game, besides total war and WoW (WoW being a good game is a matter of opinion) will always be suited for consoles. Especially next gen when all they need is more RAM to run these games on consoles. The processors are already good enough on current gen systems to run any pc game on beast mode, like i said, more RAM, the keyboard and mouse support is already here, and a better gpu, then what will be the point of a third party exclusive on anything? It's time for other publishers that aren't Sony or Nintendo to start making their own games so they don't have always be considered third party machines.

reznik_zerosum2391d ago

everything that came from pc to consoles got dumbed down and just look ugly,imagine playing any game that needs skill or even some iq on consoles,games like SC2 or CS could never be transferred to consoles and sustain same level of skill required to play it.

Kurylo3d2391d ago

this is true. It is utterly pointless to make a real time stradegy on a console... you just cant point and click fast enough.

schlanz2391d ago

because a mouse and keyboard would never work on a console, that technology is decades away /s

Fishy Fingers2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Without picking your comment to shreds, which wouldn't be hard. Let's concentrate on your key point, RAM. Your talking complete BS, the console manufacturers will put in what the believe to be the minimum they can get away with.

There is no mystical limit to which any devs dreams/visions can be realised on. There will always be a constant demand for more powerful hardware, which isn't possible on a closed console. There will always be the need to improve or expand upon.

Devs are already requesting upwards of 12gb which Id be shocked to see in the next gen consoles, within 5 years they'll be looking for 24gb. Technology moves on, consoles don't (once they hit the market). Same story with CPU/GPU.

Kurylo3d2391d ago

aside from the ram issue. You dont need that much extra ram. The gpu is the real thing that needs to be upgraded big time. I would say the gpu is the main thing that needs to be upgraded. Ram comes second in that regaurd.

Machioto2391d ago

24gb,really?if crysis one at its max requirement needed 2gigs to run smoothly why on earth would devs need that much ram considering that some devs did alot on console with their scant amount of it.

Fishy Fingers2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Looking at current gen consoles, RAM is the issue, simply reading developer comments would tell you that, or the smallest of hardware knowledge. I'm currently typing this on a phone with double the RAM of any console.

OS's forced to run on 50mb and people complain about lack of features. It's laughable to think now that something could launch with 512mb of RAM.

Put on the flip side, a testament to the advantages of fixed hardware.

@mach, funny you should mention Crysis, as the developers, Crytek are the ones asking for 12-16gb of RAM (google if you wish).

Ps show me benchmarks of crysis running well on a PC with a total budget of 2gb. You need a GPU with at least 512mb plus windows etc. 2gb not including video ram maybe.

Passion4Games2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Topics like this always turn into a PC player jerk circle.

This dev is telling PC gamers that without consoles you would have less quality games. Think about that before you start your PC is better than console BS. How good would your PC be at gaming with no games?

Seafort2391d ago

And how good would your consoles tech be without pc gamers buying that tech from the tech companies?

AMD and nvidia are both involved in the consoles but it needs pc gamers to buy from them initially to make them a profit so they can R&D tech for the consoles.

Chicken and the egg comes to mind. What came first the consoles or the pc technology to be able to develop them?

Passion4Games2391d ago

Consoles came first. Magnavox Odyssey came out before any PC.

plato2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Actually consoles DID not come out first for gaming.
How do you think they PROGRAM games on first and foremost?
Console gaming systems came about in the early 1970's.
The first computer mainframes to run games came about in the early 1950's.
So may I ask. Which came first for gaming?

"Who said anything about computers? We're are talking about PCs and consoles."

PC(Personal Computer)
ALL console games are PROGRAMMED on the PC FIRST.
This dates back to 1951.

Kenback-1, which was first introduced for $750 in 1971 and was the first PC.
The Micral is considered the be the first commercial non-assembly computer.
Consoles were the FIRST to be hooked up to TV's. This is true. But consoles WERE not the first to make video games.

Passion4Games2391d ago

Who said anything about computers? We're are talking about PCs and consoles.

Seafort2391d ago

Witcher 2 wasn't particularly a big budget game as it cost only $10m to produce and sold over 1m copies and counting as a PC exclusive to date.

So all these big budget developers saying pc isn't a viable platform is complete crap.

If you make a good game that the pc gamers want to play they will buy it. If you make a shoddy console port and expect pc gamers to buy it, good luck with that.

It's like kingdoms of amalur for the pc. There's been no real attention made for the pc version. We have the low res textures, the poor camera angles and FoV and the crappy UI all ported from the console version.

I still have the game preordered on PC but its a poor attempt by these so-called pc devs. Then they have the nerve to complain about piracy hehe.

iamironman2391d ago

witcher 2 sold over a million but was pirated over 4.5 million. they could have used that money to build a lot of games.

Seafort2390d ago

Pirates aren't customers. I wish developers would put more effort into their actual customers satisfaction than people who don't buy their games.

gillri2391d ago

well this has been true for a while, well since Crysis when Crytek werent far off runnign themselves out of business. John Carmack made a good point about this at E3 last year

The bottom line is this is only gonna become more pronounced when the next generation comes because development costs will go through the roof easily 50 million plus for a game,

meaning that even when the next gen first comes out its gonna be very risky making a game when there might only be 10 million consoles out there as opposed to 120 million now

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