XBLA in review 2011: Are prices increasing? If not why do we think they are?

It’s a sentiment we here at XBLA Fans hear often:, “1200 is the new standard”. Everyone seems to think that XBLA pricing has increased over time, It appears to be a fairly accepted idea so there must be some truth to it, right? We took it upon ourselves to do some research to find out if it actually is the case or just a case of a shared perception becoming accepted as fact.

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cain1412212d ago

1200 points is too many for a lot of these games but for some of these better titles it is an utter steal.

randomlyrossy2212d ago

Was surprised to see that 800 was still the standard, even if 1200 has been on the rise.

BuffMordecai2212d ago

I would prefer that games would stay at 800 ms points because it makes an impulse buy easier, but as long as 1600 points doesn't become the new standard we should be good. Microsoft should also extend the size limit of arcade games to over 2GB, 4GB would be pretty good.

italianbreadman2212d ago

So excited for these prices to switch over to dollars and cents.

ndepetris2212d ago

This is awesome analysis. Great work!

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