Death watch: GAME unlikely to survive current problems

With GAME’s business looking increasingly unsustainable, is the writing finally on the wall for brick and mortar retail in video games? Maybe not entirely, but GAME’s time is up, says Patrick Garratt.

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Jdoki2388d ago

I know running a bricks and mortar chain is going to be far higher than online only - but the problem is twofold...

1. They charge crazy prices in their stores, and...
2. They can't compete online because they can't undermine the prices their own bricks and mortar stores set

It's a vicious cycle!

So they need to make a radical change, or they will probably go under.

These days, with HMV on the decline, and Gamestation already owned by the GAME group there is very little competition except for Supermarkets.

Unfortunately Supermarkets can afford to undercut, as they make the money up from all the other stuff they sell.

It would be a shame if GAME went under, as it's nice to have a shop on the high street to go and browse (even though I would rarely buy except for the odd impulse purchase - such as Rage for 9.99) And midnight launches are just not the same online! :)