Soapbox: Online Passes, Have They Taken A Step Too Far?

Two announced online passes this week have gone against the traditional route of blocking multiplayer access. OpinionatedVideoGamer takes a look at these new ideas, and asks if maybe this is the first step too far?

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yesmynameissumo2208d ago

Why are online passes such a big deal and Xbox Live ok? It is, after all, a online need to play ALL games new or used online.

Snookies122208d ago

Agreed, sure Live comes with a few benefits of its own, but definitely not worth paying money for... Considering for PC you've got Steam which is all free online. For PS3 you have PSN which is all free online. Even Wii has free online multiplayer. So why is Xbox the only one charging people?

Kurylo3d2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

cause they can, and pretty sure if u want steam on the ps3 u gotta pay money for playstation plus. I could be wrong.

Either way I will never give a cent to microsoft for live. It is popular, but only because people are foolish enough to pay it. Steam on pc is way more popular then live and is a much better service all around. Problem is most console players dont even know steam exists because they dont even own pcs or macs lol

Kaizin5142208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )


Steam is free on the PS3 if you purchase Portal 2, there is no other method of obtaining Steam.

As for the article, personally, online passes really don't affect me. I buy all my games new (but not at retail price, screw that) and so I don't need to deal with the used game market. I understand how it could suck for some people and I see how it benefits the business, but for me, doesn't bother me.

As far as Xbox Live/PSN/PC gaming goes, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, unfortunately XBL is not worth the price, but they can get away with it thanks to games like Call of Duty. I wonder how many would jump ship if XBL costed, say, $75-100 per year? But to each his own, I won't pay for XBL unless I know I will play a lot and I can get 1 year for almost 50% off. And no, I am not a Sony fanboy, but rather primarily a PC gamer who does not play consoles as much as I used to, but really only for exclusives nowadays, so XBL doesn't offer me enough to pay yearly.

BuffMordecai2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Because people were stupid enough to pay for it, so they will never offer it for free. The only thing you miss with the free services is the lack of advertising.

hazardman2208d ago

Its worth paying money to owners of Xbox who want to game online. I don't have a problem with it. I mean Xbox Live has been around long enough for people to know its a paid service. I pay for Xbox Live and PS+ enjoy both services. The thing I like about PS+ tho is that when it expires I can stay play my games online. But even when your Live subscription expires you don't ever pay full price for yr. its like $30 and you can find deals all the time. Just saying.

Snookies122208d ago

@hazardman - Oh I get what you mean, it's nice they have deals a lot on Live. I just think they should at least cut the prices a bit since you can get a relatively similar online experience on other consoles/PCs. Just give us online free, and the services you get with gold can be paid for instead... That would satisfy my disapproval of the whole thing. :p

hazardman2208d ago

Cool, cool and that's true, but you have to remember that MS has servers to offer us great gaming and streaming. I have both services, and movies by far stream better and online games by far play better on xbox live, yes I said IT!! No lag or disconnection issues, samething cannot be said for same games on PSN, I don't care what fanboys(not saying you are)say! Its an unbiased fact, opinion whatever you want it to be.

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gamingdroid2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

... because Xbox Live currently offers features and benefits that other platform's don't. If XBL stops leading the industry, that's when I stop subscribing.

That said, how often do you hear about people that complain about XBL fees? I hear it every single time here...

Online passes has offered me nothing, but restrictions that now extends beyond multi-player to single player campaigns.

I don't see how anyone can support that at least until I see some tangible benefit the publisher is offering. So far... it has been nada!

jthamind2208d ago

the only time you hear people complain about XBL fees is from Sony fanboys who don't even use the service. i barely even use my 360 (only for SSFIV online), but still, XBL gold is more than worth it. it's above and beyond PSN and that thing the Wii likes to call an online service.

you get what you pay for with XBL Gold. if you want the best features and services, then you pay. if you want free online for consoles, go to PSN or the Wii and see how they're lacking in comparison.

Snookies122208d ago

jthamind - I have all three systems, and I've used all three online plenty of times. The Wii is the worst by far simply because of the roundabout way Nintendo does things with friend codes and such. Xbox and Ps3 are right about equal in terms of online service. Playing games frequently on both systems, I've actually noticed I get slightly more frequent problems when it comes to Gold online, despite having to pay for it.

PSN does everything I need for free, sure I don't get some services, but those all depend on if you care about them or not. I'd rather not have to sweat over whether or not I can play with friends because I haven't paid for Gold. :\

KingSlayer2208d ago

If online MP wasn't bundled in Gold, you wouldn't pay. You're not fooling anyone.

gamingdroid2208d ago


... and if taxes wasn't mandatory, nobody would pay either!

However, we all enjoy the benefits because some of us pay.

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ddelella2208d ago

While I am a big supporter of Microsoft going pay per feature for their Xbox Live services I understand why they charge. Microsoft does have servers, streaming services, etc. unlike many games which use P2P for their multiplayer. I buy used games purely because they hit the price point I believe a certain game is worth. I buy the games I play the most (Halo, GoW, COD, etc.) brand new and most of the time a collector's edition to support the developer's for making a good game. I do believe in the season pass (for DLC) but I do not believe any features of multiplayer or single player should ever be taken out of a game for buying it used. Things naturely depreciate in price over time and use. You don't see car manufacturer's taking out the radio if you buy a used car.

videoxgamexfanboy2208d ago

u are not seriously comparing online passes with xbox live are u? stop trying to start a fanboy war and stick to the topic. i swear some of u say the dumbest shit!

FunkMacNasty2208d ago


Xbox Live service is pay-to-use, but that's up to the consumer when they make a decision to buy a console and decide if it's worth it. The price of Xbox live is still the same price if the consumer chooses to buy a used Xbox.

But where the used games business is such a huge thing, and it provides some pretty decent bargains for gamers on a budget.. It just seems like we're being nickeled and dimed by game publishers when the $30 price tag of a used game is suddenly back to to $55-60 once you realize you need an online pass to access all the games features. But Multiplayer was the first to suffer from online passes, but now publishers are ommitting actual peices of the campaign portions of some games now as well if you don't have an online pass. Arkham City required an online pass to play Catwoman's storyline missions.

What i'm saying is, I think there's a difference netween a company choosing to charge a subscription fee to use it's multiplayer, and a myriad of publishers essentially locking out retail stores that profit from used games, which trickle down and effect the gamers who can't always afford a game at full retail price.

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kma2k2208d ago

Agree with the story & all of the dlc codes are complete bs. Also Rage was the first game to block out SP content batman was second.

XanthanGun2208d ago

Thanks, I read about rage immediately after posting it :D

InTheLab2208d ago

Funny...I thought Mass Effect 2 (2010) was the first game with an Online pass and damn near everyone voted it GoTY. Cerberus Network? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you couldn't even access the DLC without it, right? It's all bulls*** and ME2 was the game that started it all.

No point in complaining about it now.


I pay for xbl because that is what most of friends and family prefer to play on. Out of 7 friends who own a ps3 only 3 use it regularly. I try to show them the benefits of steam and pc graphical power, which usually impresses at first until they witness a crash or something making them say" I don't have the patience to learn that computer nerd sh!t". So far, I am one of the only people out of my friends who hasn't bought a on line pass to gears and Forza.

ddelella2208d ago

Gears does not have an online pass. It has a season pass which is completely different. Season passes allow you to have access to a number of DLC releases at a discounted rate. Similar to buying in bulk and receiving a discount. The Gears of War DLC content has so far been reliable and worth the money. I can not say the same for COD and the Elite concept or Mortal Kombat.

xlockingupthesunx2208d ago

This has been going on for a while. Dragon Age, buy it used, you don't get Shale or two quests. Same with Mass Effect 2. This is nothing new.

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