Grand Theft Auto 5: Fans Want Customizable In-Game Music Play

GameBandits: "Music is also a very important part of every video game. I mean, just think about muting your speakers. How would you feel about the game before and after?"

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cyguration2359d ago

Uh, music was customizable in the series ever since San Andreas on Xbox/PC.

Playing music on foot was supposed to be in GTA IV but got scrapped. No doubt that it will make it into GTA V if Rockstar doesn't run into space limitations on DVD like they did with GTA IV.

Errod882359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

GTA 3/Vice City had Custom Soundtracks on PC

cyguration2359d ago

You're absolutely right...can't believe I forgot about that. I used to listen to Mike and the Mechanics while cruising along the coastline at night in GTA Vice City...good times, good times.

metsgaming2359d ago

i have an awesome idea. You can play your custom tracks but when they end there is commentary afterward like a radio station. They can make comments like that song was awesome or that it was terrible and they dont know why they play it. Just funny comments like that. They would be able to make some cool bits.

DeadManMcCarthy2359d ago

lol they could make it work on foot, just add an in-game ipod or something in GTA V then you can run around while playing music.

Errod882359d ago

Well Red Dead has it and Midnight Club LA has it too on PS3 not sure if it is on 360,there both Rockstar Games so maybe i"ll come.

gcolley2359d ago

i turn the music off on most games

Tapioca Cold2359d ago

Now all you new gen sissies can listen to Chris Brown and justin Beaver while you play!

Wintersun6162359d ago

Hope it's true, I want to recreate Radio X and K-DST from SA and use my own music in-game on the PS3 too.

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